Children’s Church

Children are the future of the church. Here you will find weekly children’s ministry lessons and resources for childhood discipleship that you can use at home!

Youth Discipleship

We’ve taken our Youth Sunday Discussions and put them in a simple format so that your family can engage with the main ideas and grow together in your relationships with God and with one another.

Sunday Sermons

Here you’ll find our weekly Sunday sermons, distilled down to the Scripture text, main points, basic application, and further resources to help you stay engaged throughout the week!

This week’s Sermon:
“The Upside Down” (link)

We believe that the Bible is central to the spiritual growth of God’s people. So we want to invite you to read God’s Word with us! Every week, we will recommend a section of Scripture for you to read and spiritually process.

This Week’s Recommended Scripture: Matthew 3-7

Did you know?

The YouVersion Bible App has many different translations and versions of God’s Word. Even more, many of these translations will read the text to you! Try it out when you brush your teeth, go for a walk, or drive in your car!