1 thought on “Father’s Day Online Service

  1. Thanks for the special service again!
    Everything was meaningful w/ great children’s
    & adult sermons & special music tying it all
    I have been wondering why during this
    time of racial injustice to some of God’s
    “children” the song most of us learned in
    Sunday school as children “Jesus Loves
    The Little Children” (ALL the children of
    the world, red & yellow, BLACK & white)
    never is heard much! I think it should be
    heard more to stress to all of the non-
    African-American community that we
    have sung this many times & yet many
    people forget this message! I would love
    to hear people sing this during the rallies
    & protests, too!
    I didn’t mean for this to be so long,
    but it has been on my mind so much.
    God bless you all, Suanna


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